SMT 2013 streaming: UPDATE

The Executive Board of the Society for Music Theory, on the advice of
the Ad-Hoc Committee on Disability Issues and the Ad-Hoc Sustainability Committee, has  decided to engage in a pilot program of live-streaming and archiving a limited number of sessions at the 2013 Annual Meeting. This is great news for accessibility–and for all scholars who cannot travel to meetings for reasons of disability, family caregiving, funding, or environmental impact! Thanks especially to Jonathan Kochavi (Swarthmore College), the chair of the  Ad-Hoc Committee on Disability Issues, who worked very hard to formulate, revise, and advocate for this initiative. More information to follow…

UPDATE August 27: Sessions will be streamed on Friday, Nov. 1 in the Harris Meeting Room. This will include the special session “Universal Design in the Music Theory and Aural Skills Classroom”, scheduled for Friday 8-11 p.m. You may now review the preliminary program.

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