Thank you Dave Headlam!

Please join in thanking Dave Headlam for his tireless and longstanding contributions to building and managing the website of the DISMUS interest group. Dave built our web presence from scratch in the mid-2000s and created an essential place for us to gather virtually. Here we archived pedagogical resources and listserv conversations, maintained bibliographies for scholarly and pedagogical resources related to disability studies and music, and posted our news and current events. Though we’ve moved over here to WordPress now and Samantha Bassler has taken over a social media author and web guru, most of the content of this site is copied from the old site built by Dave. Thank you, Dave, from all of us–creating an virtual place for our community to grow was an amazing gift of your time and talents.

How did you benefit from Dave’s service in our DISMUS (virtual) community?

5 thoughts on “Thank you Dave Headlam!

  1. Dave, thank you so much for creating a place for music and disability studies on the web. It has been such an important resources for everyone interested in music and disability studies, and a first port of call for all of us doing research and activism in music and disability studies. Best, Samantha.

  2. Dave, thanks so much for creating this tremendous web presence for the scholarly enterprise of Music and Disability Studies. It’s been so crucial for the expansion of both scholarship and activism that when someone searches for “Disability and Music” a site as organized and full of resources as the one you managed popped up. Many, many thanks!! Stephanie J-M

  3. Dave, You’re the man. We have a valuable, thriving enterprise now, and you gave it its start and nurtured it along the way. I probably know as well as anyone how much you’ve done, and I’m deeply grateful to you–we all are.
    Your comrade-in-arms. Joe S.

  4. When I was just beginning to think about Disability Studies several years ago, Dave’s site was one of the first resources I came across. Thank you, Dave, for your tremendous work on it. It’s been such a valuable platform for our community and beyond. With gratitude, Blake.

  5. The website you created formed the inspiration for the blossoming of the websites by interest groups throughout the Society for Music Theory, and it served–and continues to serve–as a vital resource and forum for those interested in the area of Music and Disability Studies as well as those interested in making our fields accessible to all. Thank you so much for your contributions.

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