CFP: Pedagogical Alterity: Stories of Race, Gender, Disability, Sexuality

The journal Hybrid Pedagogy is looking for essays of 1000 to 2500 words on the topics of oppression and difference in a learning environment. Here is a brief excerpt from the call for participation:
This CFP intends to allow our readers and writers to narrate their experiences — not only of oppression, but of difference. The goal is to make space for a broader perspective, to bring otherwise marginalized voices (or bits of voices no matter how small) to the fore. We’re seeking reflections upon the lived (and often distinctly physical) experiences we have in classrooms and a consideration of how we build a pedagogy from those experiences.
Danielle Paradis writes in “The Pleasures, the Perils, and the Pursuit of Pedagogical Intimacy,” “Learning is uncomfortable, and the trouble with letting someone teach you is that it leaves a mark — an impression.” We are not looking for narratives that will warm our hearts, or paint a rainbow of attractive variation. These will be essays and articles that teach, preach, and edify, the stories that make academe color-rich and complicated.

If you have personal or pedagogical stories to share, please see the complete call for participation, and consider submitting an essay by January 31:

Kris Shaffer, Ph.D.
Instructor of Music Theory, CU–Boulder
Contributing Editor, Hybrid Pedagogy
twitter: @krisshaffer

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