Program for Music and Disability Events at AMS 2017

Greetings, colleagues! We are looking forward to catching up with many of you at this week’s AMS conference in Rochester. Please find the attached program for the AMS Music and Disability Study Group’s session, to be held on Thursday from 8–11 PM in C: Highland A/K. 

AMS 2017 Panel Program

In addition, the study group will hold its business meeting on Friday from 12:15–1:15 PM in C: Highland, E/F. Please check our website later this week for business meeting documents.




Update on Music and Disability Mentoring Program

The SMT Interest Group on Music and Disability is pleased to announce the relaunch of its mentoring program. Our goal is to actively cultivate a support network to help scholars in their encounters with dis/ability. We pair interested individuals (faculty and graduate students) for the purpose of sharing stories, ideas, and information. The program is open to individuals affiliated with either AMS or SMT. These pairings might take the form of traditional mentor/mentee relationships with relatively senior faculty guiding relatively junior faculty or graduate students, or may take the form of partnerships between peers. The support network is fully intended to address both teaching challenges and personal-life challenges.

Who might benefit from participating in the support network? Anyone would who like advice, information, or support with respect to navigating disability in their personal, professional, and/or scholarly lives. For example, this might be someone who is teaching a student with a disability, or someone who is navigating disability in their own life or a family member’s.

Please note that the “mentoring” relationships we intend to cultivate in this network are mutually supportive and non-hierarchical. Any views and advice offered solely represent individuals’ opinions and do not represent the policies or views of the SMT or AMS, as per the mentoring policies of the SMT.

If you would like to form a sustaining contact with a fellow music scholar who has navigated disability-related issues, contact Anabel Maler ( We will accommodate requests for confidentiality and specific mentors.