Call for Officer Nominations

The AMS Music and Disability Study Group is currently accepting nominations for the following officer positions:

Chair: Manages the Study Group; submits annual reports to the AMS Board and semiannual reports to the AMS newsletter; presides over the annual business meeting; organizes the Study Group’s evening session at AMS annual meetings.

Secretary: Records the minutes of the annual business meeting and assists the Chair as needed.

Webmaster: Maintains the Study Group’s webpage, social media accounts, and listserv. Experience with WordPress is desirable.

Blog Editor: Solicits and edits post for the Study Group’s blog. The Blog Editor may also serve as the Webmaster.

Officers serve three­-year, overlapping terms. In the first year, the incoming officer serves jointly with the outgoing officer; in the second year, the officer serves alone; and in the third year, the outgoing officer serves jointly with the incoming officer.

Please submit nominations and self-nominations to no later than Friday, March 8.

P.S. If you are a graduate student working in the area of music and disability studies, we’d like to hear about you! Please send a brief description of your research and/or activist work to

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