Musical Representations of Disability

The Musical Representations of Disability Database, updated regularly with contributions from its users, includes musical works that feature a representation of disability or a disabled person. The expansive nature of this list—covering diverse composers, genres, and time periods—demonstrates the pervasiveness of disability within musical discourses.

The database depends on its users to continually expand, emend, and improve its content. Please SUBMIT a new entry or EMEND an existing entry. A note on terminology and categories: We’re sympathetic to the always-problematic terminology around (dis)abilities but, due to the very nature of building a catalog, we can’t completely escape limiting words and phrases here. Be assured that we are all working to move beyond a binary system where bodies are either “normal” or “impaired”, either “abled” or “disabled”. Our use of categories reflects their historical pervasiveness more than our current investment in them.


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